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The commentary system is largely unknown. The current revision of this article reflects data gathered from [[Half-Life 2: Lost Coast|Lost Coast]]'s commentary.
#REDIRECT [[Commentary System]]
This file is in Valve's 'configuration file' format.
<br />
=Commentary root section=
Name: Commentary<br />
This is the root section for commentary.
==Entity section==
Name: entity<br />
Parent: "commentary"<br />
These are individual commentary entities. This element can be used more than once to add multiple commentary points to a level.
===Commentary entity details===
Parent: "entity"<br />
'''"classname"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Type of entity to display (usually [[point_commentary_node]])<br />
'''"origin"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Origin of the item (x y z  hammer position notation)<br />
'''"commentaryfile"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; WAV file to play<br />
'''"commentaryfile_nohdr"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; WAV file to play if HDR is disabled (will play above if not specified) (optional)<br />
'''"speakers"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; The name of the speaker(s)<br />
'''"targetname"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; [[targetname|Name of the entity]]<br />
'''"angles"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; (x y z  hammer rotation notation) (unknown) (optional)<br />
===Start/finish commands===
Parent: "entity"<br />
'''"precommands"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Console commands to run before commentary (optional)<br />
'''"postcommands"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Console commands to run after commentary (optional)<br />
===Connections section===
Name: "connections"<br />
Parent: entity<br />
Triggers attached to this entity. Optional.
'''"OnCommentaryStarted"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Triggers to fire when commentary is started (related to point_commentary_node)<br />
'''"OnCommentaryStopped"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Triggers to fire when commentary is finished (related to point_commentary_node)<br />
===Moving the camera===
'''"viewposition"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Name of entity (unknown) (optional)<br />
'''"viewtarget"''' &nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash; Name of entity (unknown) (optional)
=Example from Lost Coast=
Below is an example from the Lost Coast's commentary to show the simple format of the file.
"classname" "point_commentary_node"
"origin" "1213.953735 4787.380371 2356.031250"
"angles" "0 90 0"
"commentaryfile" "#lostcoast\commentary\comm_tone.wav"
"speakers" "Chris Green"
"targetname" "comm_node_9"
"OnCommentaryStarted" "comm_clientcommand,Command,mat_show_histogram 1,42,-1"
"OnCommentaryStopped" "comm_clientcommand,Command,mat_show_histogram 0,0,-1"

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