Commentary Editor Fix for Alien Swarm

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Commentary Editor

This short tutorial will help anyone that wants to utilize the Commentary Editor in Alien Swarm. You can find the following files in the Source 2007 binaries.gcf or Source 2007 binaries 2.gcf. You will need to use GCFScape.

List of Missing .res files

  • Resource/commentarydialog.res
  • Resource/CommentaryExplanationDialog.res
  • Resource/commentarynodebrowserpanel.res
  • Resource/commentarypropertiespanel.res
  • Resource/commentarypropertiessubpanel_node.res
  • Resource/commentarypropertiessubpanel_target.res

List of Missing Localization files

  • Resource/boxrocket_english.txt
  • Resource/toolcommedit_english.txt

Extracting the Files

Open either Source 2007 binaries.gcf or Source 2007 binaries 2.gcf (Doesn't matter which) then go into the hl2/resource directory and extract the files listed above. After that, move the extracted files into "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\alien swarm\swarm\resource".

The UI will show correctly after the fix.