Combine ball generator

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A dissected combine_ball_generator prefab.

A prefab located in the Prefabs HL2 folder, containing a Combine energy ball generator setup.

This prefab includes the following:

  • A couple of prop_static models, func_detail brushes and a light entity, making up the generator base.
  • A non-solid func_brush with a com_shield002a animated texture, used to visualize a force field around the generated energy field.
  • An env_beam paired up with an info_target entity to provide the visual effect of a wide plasma stream inside the force field.
  • Two env_citadel_energy_core entities that provides two particle visual effects inside the energy fields "emitters".
  • A func_combine_ball_spawner brush, with its Combine Power Supply flag set, that creates the horizontal bounds for the energy ball spawned and contained therein.
  • Two func_clip_vphysics brushes at the top and bottom of the energy field, providing the vertical limits that the energy ball will bounce between. (The func_combine_ball_spawner entity does not provide these.)
  • A disabled trigger_physics_trap that normally does nothing (unless the field is reactivated). See tip.
  • Two logic_relays - one that is triggered when the ball is removed from the field (through punting with the physgun) shutting it down, and one when a ball is reinserted, starting it up again.
Tip.png Tip: If you have Episode One installed, the trigger_physics_trap entity can be used to make the energy field disintegrate anything that touches it, by setting its Start Disabled keyvalue to No and by also adding a filter_combineball_type named "filter_combine_ball" that will be used to exclude the energy ball itself from being disintegrated. If you don't have Episode 1, you can make a filter_activator_class excluding prop_combine_ball from being disintegrated.