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This mod for Goldsource is currently in alpha development.


Colony 42 is a singleplayer modification for the goldsource engine using Spirit of Half-life 1.5a4. It will take the player into a space station under attack by alien forces.


  • Muliple types of Security Guards - Barney AND Otis
  • a few LOST refrences
  • New voice acting
  • Charlie, a completely original Character
  • A new storyline, unrelated to Half-Life
  • HD pack compatibility
  • Two new weapons- Desert eagle and Pipewrench



Colony 42 is the latest incarnation of JeffMOD's Science-fiction modification, and by far the most developed. The original, known as USS Black Mesa, was scrapped because JeffMOD could not, at the time, understand how to make HL change levels properly. The next incarnation, USS Bravo, was more developed, but lacked a good storyline, and was scrapped. JeffMOD's mapping skills improved vastly over time, but he still wanted to make a science fiction mod. Finally, a storyline was developed placing the player onboard a space station, with many more planned areas of interest than the previous versions. Spirit of Half-life was chosen to be used as a base, and High-definition compatibility was a priority from day 1.

Team and Contributers

  • JeffMOD - Project lead, mapper.
  • James "Hunter" Archibald - Voice acting
  • Andy 'Urbanebula' Morris - Voice acting
  • Martin "Gman" Paskulov - Voice acting
  • Sean "World Crafter" Goolsby - Desert eagle model and sounds

Localized versions

N/A at this time

External links

The Whole Half-life, Where Colony 42 was born.