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Note:The mod is currently on hold

What is it?

Collaborate is an upcoming Half-Life 2 MP teamplay modification with NPCs. There are 2 teams, Team Combine and Team Humans, with players divided in squads. Every squadleader is able to spawn & control NPCs, ammocrates, traps and more. Both teams will need to complete objectives to win the game. Work together, side by side, with NPCs & players to complete your objectives before your opponents do.

Are the Humans fighting to infiltrate a Combine base or are both teams are trying to outlast the other? Fight with all you have because you’re up against real opponents.


  • Gameplay oriented on objectives & teamplay
  • Players form squads, up to 4 players per squad
  • Squadleaders can spawn NPCs & equipment and give them orders
  • Dynamic spawnpoints-system (squadleaders function as a spawnpoint)
  • Wait-system that allows players to wait with starting the game
  • Team-bound NPCs & equipment
  • High quality maps
  • Improved network- & lagcompensation-code
  • Full spectators-support
  • Points-system based on damage and teamplay
  • Drop weapons/ammo/armor and get points for it
  • New NPCs
  • Enhanced AI

Planned for future versions

  • Multipassenger vehicles
  • Per game statistics

If you are interested in the source of the mod, please contact me.

Help wanted

Why should I join?

There's a sh*tload of mods out there, but here:

  • You are allowed to use your work in other mods
  • No deadlines, no hurries (we go for quality, not time.. but not toooo long)
  • Relaxed team (need something? just ask)
  • Your opinion counts. No concept here that can't be changed.
  • Need a new entity to make your map that much better? Our coders can make it.

What we need

  • Mapper
Mappers are allowed to use their own ideas. The only "must" is that each map needs to have (multiple?) objectives for the 2 teams.
  • Modeller
New objects like trees, weapons, equipment and characters (playermodels, new NPCs)
  • Model Animator
Animate characters, weapons
  • Model Skinner
Skin characters, weapons, equipment
  • Concept artist
GUI, new NPCs, levels
  • Coder
AI programming, GUI

Please post a topic at our forum or email to, with some previous work, when you are interested.

Collaborate Team



More media at the website

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