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This tutorial will show you how to make the beggining-clock as shown in the image to the right.

Adding the model

  1. By using the Entity tool, click somewhere in the 3D view
  2. Make it prop_static
  3. Open the properties and click "Select Model:"
  4. Select models/props/clock.mdl

Adding the timer brushes

Minutes, seconds, centiseconds and milliseconds are func_brushes

Tip.png Tip: Use grid number 2

This is the order of making the brushes:

1. Minutes

  1. In the top view make a 10x10 brush with the texture signage/clock/clock_minutes
  2. Press Ctrl+T and make it func_brush
  3. Name it: "Minutes"

2. Dot

  1. Make a 2x10 brush NEXT TO the brush we made before.

(Optional) 2. Press Ctrl+T to make it func_detail

3. Seconds

  1. Same thing as "Minutes" but with a different texture. Use signage/clock/clock_seconds
  2. Name it: "Seconds"

4. Dot

How it must look after adding the brushes.
  1. NEXT TO "Seconds" make a 2x10 brush just like before.

5. Centiseconds

  1. Same thing as "Seconds" and "Minutes" but with different texture. Use signage/clock/clock_centiseconds
  2. Name it: "Centiseconds"

6. Dot

  1. 2x10 brush. Same as the other Dots
Tip.png Tip: Copy paste is helpful here!

7. Milliseconds

  1. 10x10 brush, texture: signage/clock/clock_milliseconds, just like the other ones
  2. Name it: "Milliseconds"

After all the work, it should like in the photo in the right

Tip.png Tip: It's recommended to select the texture of teh brushes and press "Fit" for a better quality.

Logic entities: The hard part!

Now that we made the brushes, we need to work with the entities that will make the timer count down!

You will need these entities:

  • Two "material_modify_control"'s
  • Four "logic_timer"'s
  • Two "math_counter"'s
  • Two "env_texturetoggle"'s


FIRST material_modify_control SECOND material_modify_control
Name: Modify_centiseconds Modify_milliseconds
Parent: Centiseconds Milliseconds
Material to modify: signage/clock/clock_centiseconds signage/clock/clock_milliseconds
Material Variable to modify: $frame $frame