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  • Added mini-bandwidth monitor dialog, view->bandwidth usage
    • Has current bandwidth usage graph, peak usage and total bytes downloaded this session
  • Removed ancient hard-coded layouts from serverbrowser, moved settings into server/internetgamespage.res and server/internetgamespage_filters.res
  • Changed default button on 'Delete game files?' dialog to be Cancel
  • Changed last page of installed wizard to have neither launch game or create desktop shortcut checkboxes checked by default
  • disabled install/properties buttons in games list for games that are coming soon only (eg. Lost Coast)
  • Fixed case with HTML control where interior region could get out sync with the scrollbar visibility
  • Added new scheme parent override setting for CheckButtonList, so that it's children checkbox can have a different appearance set
  • Added mousedown state for icon buttons in root dialog
  • Changed wizard template layout to fix localization truncations
  • Made HTML interior corners smaller
  • Fixed width of scrollbar in preloading dialogs (all states)
  • Fixed some (not all) localization truncations in login dialog (skipped russian and thai)
  • Fixed layout of install tools HTML intro window
  • Adjusted layout of settings dialogs (tab pages)
  • Removed extra border/background from update news dialog
  • Fixed assert/crash in subconvertapps caused by passing in invalid index
  • Made 3rd party mods command line args get applied when the game is launched via the serverbrowser
  • Fixed 3rd party HL1 mods having last char truncated in serverbrowser games list
  • Fixed regression with cancel button on SSA page in purchase wizard causing all of Steam to close/crash

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