Changing max ammo in HL2

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Many people that make a total conversion mod will want to change the maximum ammunition settings in Half-Life 2. This small tutorial will tell you just how to do that.

  1. Using GCFScape, open the GCF file called source engine.gcf.
  2. In this file, browse to Root/hl2/cfg/ and extract the file called skill.cfg.
  3. Place the extracted file in Steam/Steamapps/Sourcemods/yourmodname/cfg/.
  4. In this file, open it using any text editor, then go down to the Weapons part, and edit the lines starting with sk_max_*, where * is the name of the weapon (such as pistol, 357, ar2, etc).

If you follow those steps and they do not work, follow these as well:

  1. In hl2mp_gamerules.cpp (or equivalent), in the function *GetAmmoDef(), find the AddAmmoType() function for the ammo you want to change, and change the sixth parameter.

Example AddAmmoType() from Half-Life 2: Deathmatch code (shotgun):

def.AddAmmoType("Buckshot", DMG_BULLET | DMG_BUCKSHOT, TRACER_LINE, 0, 0, 30, BULLET_IMPULSE(400, 1200), 0 );
                                                                          ^^ Change the 30.

Though the actual line has lots of tabs in it (to align it neatly with the other AddAmmoType()s and their parameters).