Change Player Model in Third Person

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For change the Player Model in Third Person you will need to do the follow:

  • Put a prop_physics in your map inside a Nodraw box with the model that you want to be the new Player Model (Example: models/humans/group01/male_01.mdl), this is for Precache the Model and its animations.
  • Now, add a point_clientcommand with the name "Console" inside the same box.
  • Finally add a "logic_auto" inside the same box, and create a Output with the following:

"My Output Named" - OnMapSpawn

"Target Entities Named" - console

"Via this Input" - Command

"With a parameter override of" - setmodel <Your Model Dir without "models/" and ".mdl" at the end> (Example: setmodel humans/group01/male_01)

And That's it!

For fix the player Animations you'll need to follow this tutorial: Fixing the player animation state (Single Player)

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