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I propose that there be a sub-category on this page, for each genre of tutorials. For example, a mapping category, a sound category, and a programming category. I think that this may encourage users to submit their own tutorials, thus making the wiki even better. Thoughts? -- Pon

This category is sort of pointless anyway, since each of these articles is already in its appropriate category. Why would a mapper want to come to this category first instead of the Level Design category, where their answer may or may not be in tutorial form?--Mungo 15:41, 24 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Who says that they have to come here first? Articles can be in more than one category, and it would make it (in my opinion) more organized to have a reference section (like all the entities, etc.), and a tutorial section, and have the tutorial section either have the articles themselves in that section, or have a single link to a section in the Tutorials category... Kinda hard to explain what I mean:S