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"Official Addons", "Official Mods", "Official third party games" and "Official Third Party Mods"? IMO, this subcategorisation is vague and ambiguous. I'm not really convinced 4 categories are required to categorise all the available information and even if that's the case, these really don't seem to be the right categories. Why are expansion packs listed under "mods"? What's an addon that makes it not a mod? What makes an official mod third-party or not? (CS:CZ was partially made by Turtle Rock, right? Etc.)

Perhaps a better classification would be "Valve-made/Not-Valve-made" or "Valve IP/Not-Valve-IP". Instead of "Official" (since it isn't really very clear what that means), "Professional" or "Commercially released" would then be more appropriate?

Also, if it were possible to browse the subcategories according to what is released and what is still under-development, and also what is single-player and what is multiplayer, I think that would also be beneficial to people trying to use these pages to find information.

Maybe I'm wrong, so I thought I'd put the cleanup tag on the article and see what others thought, instead of just diving in and fiddling around. :)

Giles 05:50, 17 Mar 2006 (PST)