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We have designed a new npc for my mod and we have all the animations done... A problem we are runnig into is allowing the npc's movement animations to actually move it. Our npc does not use a blended animation to run and regardless I looked at the male npc qc for animations I don't see how one is defining the speed the animation plays in there. I was hoping someone could explain how to have npc animations for a new skeleton to define the speed the npc moves when playing the anim.

Thanks RomeoJGuy

the character will move as fast as the animation dictates. you just have to add motion extraction commands to the sequence. (this precludes using animations that are 'in place' -- the character must be moving in the animation.) For example $sequence run1 "run1.smd" fps 30 LX LY activity ACT_RUN 1 The LX LY extracts the motion from the first to the last frame of the animation in the X and Y axes, and applies that motion to your NPC when the animation plays. --JacobNicholson 10:43, 2 Aug 2005 (PDT)

A tutorial about the basics of model making

Could someone make a tutorial about the basics of how to make a model. Basically what I'm thinking is what do you need to do in XSI to get the model to actually work. Then what are the basic .qc commands that you need to know to get the smd file to compile properly and the model to actually work in the game. I mainly want this because I can't even get a six sided box to work.

I added a link to Getting Static Props into Source via XSI|EXP for HL2 to XSI page. It's a very basic tutorial about getting a single textured cube into the game. N-neko