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Source SDK Frequently Asked Questions

General SDK Troubleshooting

Where can I go for more help?

How do I reset the Source SDK Game Configuration?

I reset my Game Configuration, but I get an configuration error when I try to run Hammer.

My game configurations menu In Hammer and the SDK application is empty.

How do I re-install the entire Source SDK installation?

How do I remove old games from my "Current Game" menu?

After working in the SDK for a little while, my machine runs out of resources and crashes!

How do I fix the "Cache Needs Repair" error?

How do I fix the "Cache Needs Decryption" error?

I get an error "Can't find steam.dll relative to executable path (steam path)"

I'm experiencing constant, strange problems not covered elsewhere in this FAQ.

General SDK Information

How are the Source SDK files and directories structured?

What's is meant by Game Directory?

How can I make my own GameInfo.txt?

Gamecfg.ini conversion information

How do I launch the game without loading the 3D background maps?

What are some game parameters I can launch the game with?

Hammer Configuration and Compiling

My Hammer Configuration does not work correctly. What do I do?

How do I manually configure the Hammer Editor?

How do I copy the contents of the compile Process Window?

What is the "Additional game parameters" field for?

My multiplayer map isn't appearing in the multiplayer map list.

I compiled my map with Hammer, but when I run the game from the Steam menu, the map is not there.

I added some prop models in Hammer, but they don't appear in the game!

When I compile, I get "Error! static_prop using model (modelname), which must be used on a dynamic entity."

When I load my Counter-Strike: Source map, it says "Both Teams are Full".

Models I place in Hammer are rendered with a black and purple checkerboard in-game.

Hammer reports "leaked!" when I compile. How do I fix it?

I get a message "Memory leak: mempool blocks left in memory: (number)" when I compile.

When I run my multiplayer map in the game, people join my server!

How do I get back to having 4 views - the 3D, top, front, and side views?

Level Editing Features

How do I correctly make a skybox?

How do I add fog to my level?

Can I make a custom soundscape for my level?

How do I use Half-Life 2 model or material in a Counter-Strike: Source map?


I get an error "SAPI 5.1 Unable to create recognizer context".


What compiler do I need to build the SDK code?

Can I use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 with the SDK?

When I use run_mod.bat, I can't run the game if my path has spaces.

Missing certain Half-Life 2 entities in Hammer.

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