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==Half-Life locations==
==[[Half-Life]] locations==
# [[Black Mesa Research Facility]]
# [[Anomalous Materials|Sector C Anomalous Materials]]
# [[Test Chamber]]
# [[Unforeseen Consequences|Sector B Coolant Reserve]]
# [[Sector C Test Labs & Control Facilities]]
# [[Office Complex|Sector D Administration]]
# [[Black Mesa (Industrial)]]
# [["We've Got Hostiles!"|Sector D High Security Storage]]
# [[Blast Pit|Sector D Rocket Silo Complex]]
# [[Xen]]
# [[Xen]]
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==[[Half-Life 2]] locations by chapter name==
==[[Half-Life 2]] locations==
# [[City 17|City 17 train station]]
# [[City 17|City 17 train station]]

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Below is a list of articles pertaining to the Half-Life universe, including places and characters and their relevance to the story. These should be of interest to anyone attempting to create a map pack or modification that remains true to canon, or to anyone simply looking to learn more about the Half-Life universe.

Alternatively, you can visit Wikipedia's existing Half-Life entries.

Half-Life locations

  1. Sector C Anomalous Materials
  2. Sector B Coolant Reserve
  3. Sector D Administration
  4. Sector D High Security Storage
  5. Sector D Rocket Silo Complex
  6. Xen

Half-Life 2 locations

  1. City 17 train station
  2. Route Kanal
  3. Water Hazard
  4. Black Mesa East
  5. Ravenholm
  6. Highway 17 and Sandtraps
  7. Nova Prospekt
  8. City 17
  9. Nexus Building
  10. Citadel

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

  1. Lost Coast



Real Life Locations