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CSTBSP is a custom version of VBSP compiler written by Adam McKern. Similar in function to its Valve counterpart, CSTBSP creates a binary space partition file that is essentially your playable map. CST tools were used in the development of SiN Episodes Emergence.

Although CSTBSP can be run by itself to create a basic map, the use of other two tools, CSTVIS and CSTRAD, is highly recommended for optimal results.

Note.png Note: While it was originally intended to be a complete replacement set of compiling tools, the CST series is now largely deprecated, lacking the newer features such as HDR.



  • Small plane count increase for the Dystopia team, to remedy their issues with dys_vaccine map.
  • The code runs about 2% faster over all.

  • A small fix for BSP spam.

1.1 (25 Jan 06)

  • All temp files (log, lin, pts) are removed at tool startup.
  • Correct locations of where level leaks are, thanks to Raven0.


  • Leaf saw vector - simply follow the steps in the error code to find where the leaf saw is (buggy because the last number is normally off the grid).
  • An 64 bit build.
  • Cleaned up the error code from beta3/beta4 - sorry for the mega spam.
  • RAD quality for some lights.
  • VIS, and RAD executable names.
  • The redirect files from the download (and setup page).
  • All support for bloodlines (no interest was shown).

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