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The bumbleball is a new Portal 2 puzzle element created by Skotty and Moth. If the bumbleball is outside of the players view it will bounce around every 2 seconds, making a distinctive sound when bouncing. They're very different from spheres, and behave differently from blue painted cubes, making them unique in this aspect.

Download Features

  • A normal sphere button specialized for the bumbleballs, not useable with other objects.
  • the single bumbleball (model and textures)
  • droppers for bumbleballs, dirty and clean
  • the .PSD file for custom textures
  • bumbleball supports up to 16 skins -- 'skin' values 0-15 in Hammer

Skotty's homepage: Portal 2 instances


1. Put the materials and model folder to Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\

2. Put the Instances folder to Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\sdk_content\maps\


1. Create a new func_instance

2. For the Vmf Filename' select your downloaded instance vmf's

3. Give it a Fix Up Name


a physics model, with an internal env_shake (this causes it to bounce around by a variable amount)
a env_entity_maker which detects if the player is looking at the ball, and toggles the env_shake

Known Bugs

  • For dissolving a bumbleball (for example in toxic water) you have to FireUser4
  • Paint will colour the bumbleball, but because it's a normal prop_physics, it won't jump or glide. The use of a prop_physics_paintable fixes that problem, but the ball won't be visibly painted.
Note.png Note: This may not actually be a bug, because the ball is on spikes raised off the ground, which would possibly explain why paint doesn't affect it.