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This tutorial will show step by step how to make a box catcher. A custom testing element using in a few test chamber for Blue Portals. You need to place a box in the inside and the catcher send output.

Note:You can make box catcher and in the Portal

Creating Base

Step 1

Create a prop_dynamic. Set World Model to models/props/box_dropper.mdl and set Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) to 0 0 -180. Place this entity on the floor.

Step 2

Create another prop_dynamic or copy and paste the first entity. Set World Model to models/props/box_dropper_cover.mdl, set Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) to 0 0 -180 and set Name to prop_boxcatcher_cover1. Place this entity to the top of first entity.

Step 3

Create third prop_dynamic. Set World Model to models/props/combine_ball_catcher.mdl. This time set Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) to -90 0 0 and set Name to prop_boxcatcher_base1. Place this entity on the floor where you put the first entity.

And the base is ready to use, but you need to make the system to work

Creating System

Step 1

Create filter_activator_name and set this

Property Name Value
Name prop_boxcatcher_crapflitter1
Filter mode Disallow entities that match criteria
Filter Name box

Step 2

Copy and paste filter_activator_name. Reset Name to prop_boxcatcher_boxflitter1 and reset Filter mode to Allow entities that match criteria