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The Borealis is a lost mysterious ship originally owned by Aperture Science before they lost funding to Black Mesa. It's stranded in the ice in the North with its drydock and a mysterious weapon.

The Borealis was originally to be part of the Half-Life 2 storyline, but it was scrapped.

Portal in Half-Life Continuity

Borealis as seen in HL2: EP2

This is a picture seen at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. There is a container labeled Aperture Science, so there definitely is a link between the Half-Life universe and Portal.

In this image you can see:

  • The Borealis plans date back to January 1994.
  • The Borealis has "Ice breaking capability 21 feet under full power".
  • Two previous Black Mesa employees can be seen in a photo in front of the Borealis.

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