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This tutorial will show you how to export a simple model from Blender for compiling with studiomdl.

To learn about the general usage of Blender, see Is Blender 3D Good for Source/How to Start.

To do: Is it not possible to export collision meshes? That's crap!

The export process

Menu location of Blender's SMD export command.
  1. Create your model and texture it via UV mapping. The result should be a .blend file and all the TGA files you used as textures. The example used here is the PC Gamer UK mag secreted all around de_dust_pcg (blender file for the model pcgmag.blend and texture file pcgmag.tga)
  2. Having installed the SMD exporter plugin, export your model to a Half-Life 2 SMD file, in this case pcgmag.smd.
  3. Copy the SMD file into <game>/modelsrc and the TGA file(s) into <game>/materialsrc/models
  4. The SMD you have already is just the reference model. We will also need an additional SMD to declare the 'idle' animation. So, in a text-editor, create a file called pcgmag_idle.smd (or some other name ending in SMD) and enter this as its contents:
version 1
0 "joint0" -1
time 0
0 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0.000000 0.000000

You are now ready to compile the model.