Basic BTS Room

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Detailing BTS Areas


This guide will tell you the basic parts of creating a BTS area.

The Correct Usage of Textures

Non-Portable Surface Textures

Walls and Ceiling

  • metalwall_bts_006a
  • metalwall_bts_006a_gradient
  • metalwall_bts_006b
  • metalwall_bts_006b_gradient
  • metalwall_bts_006c_gradient
  • metalwall_bts_006d_gradient
  • metalwall_bts_006e_cable


  • metalfloor_bts001a
  • metalfloor_bts001b

Portable BTS Textures


  • concrete_bts_ceiling002a


  • concrete_bts_floor002a


  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001a
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001b
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001c
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001d

The proper use of concrete textures

Top Part of the wall
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001c should be the tallest part of the wall.
Bottom Part of the wall
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001b should be the lowest part of the wall.
Middle Part of the wall
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001a should be the middle part of the wall.
Only Part of the wall
  • concrete_bts_modular_wall001d If your wall Portable wall only has one brush, use this texture.

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