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[[Image:BTS_Vents.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Vents found throughout the BTS Areas)]]
[[Image:BTS_Vents.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Vents found throughout the BTS Areas]]

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Detailing BTS Areas


In this page, you will learn what almost all rooms of the Portal's Behind the Scenes areas have in common.

Support beams

Almost every single room in the BTS areas has at least one support beam. Rooms without support beams are some sewer rooms, areas with panels, areas with the test chamber metal wall texture and off-limit areas.

Support Beams found throughout the BTS Areas)

Vents found throughout the BTS Areas


Not all rooms have vents in them, although there is no limit to where you can place them.

You can learn how to create vents at Creating Vents

Fans found throughout the BTS Areas)


Fans have no limit to where they can be, although they aren't really used in really small areas.

You can learn how to create fans here. Creating Fans


A staple feature of most bts areas are the cables hanging from the ceiling. In Portal 1, they are made using keyframe_rope entities, with a single move_rope always being the first in a system. Be sure to get creative with adjusting the slack.

These properties are required for ropes as seen in Portal.

Property Name Value
Subdivision 8
Rope Material cable/cable
Note.png Note: On the end of each keyframe_rope, set the Subdivision to 2, on cables that hang and are unattached, set the subdivision to 2 as well for better performance.

There is one single cable in escape_00 that uses the cable/cable_back texture.



The official BTS maps have an env_fog_controller in them with the following properties:

Property Name Value
Name fog_ctrl
Fog Enable Yes
Primary Fog Color 58 82 101
Secondary Fog Color 85 43 0
Fog Start 64
Fog End 3500

Color Control

All official escape maps have a color_correction. Create a color_correction entity and enter the following properties:

Property Name Value
Name color_correction_bts
Lookup Falloff Start Distance -1
Lookup Falloff End Distance -1
Lookup Table Filename scripts/colorcorrection/cc_bts.raw
Lookup Fade In Duration 2
Lookup Fade out Duration 2

Tonemap Control

All escape maps have anenv_tonemap_controller entity. Create an env_tonemap_controller and set its name to tonemap

Create a logic_auto and give the logic_auto the following outputs:

  My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io21.png OnMapSpawn tonemap SetBloomScale 0.3 0.00 No
Io21.png OnMapSpawn tonemap SetAutoExposureMin 0.5 0.00 No
Io21.png OnMapSpawn tonemap SetAutoExposureMax 2 0.00 No
Io21.png OnMapSpawn tonemap SetTonemapRate 0.3 0.00 No

Note.png Note: If there are test chambers within the same map, be sure to have the entities disabled during those points. If your map is mainly just a testchamber with small BTS elements (for example, a Rattman den) the entities aren't necessary.

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