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BSPSource v1.4.0
BSPSource icon.png

BSPSource is a VMEX-based map decompiler for Source games. It converts BSP files back into VMF ones that can be loaded in Hammer. It also includes numerous bug fixes over VMEX and new features for doing the conversion, such as extracting embedded assets, processing multiple BSPs at once, and more.

Note.png Note: Decompiled maps aren't identical to the original VMF files that were used to compile them, and often present issues such as invalid geometry solids or misplaced areaportal brushes.

Some maps protected from decompilation prevent the conversion. However, Some "Protection methods" can be undone by just renaming the tags in a HexEditor to the point where BSPSource doesn't recognize them.

  • "no_decomp 1" can be changed to "yesdecomp 1".
  • "tools/locked" can be changed to "tools/lucked".
  • The "VMEX protector brush flag" means nothing, as it decompiles anyways.

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