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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.


<Half-Life> Azure Sheep is a single-player only mod for Half-Life. The player is one of the Barney guards that is on post in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility. When the chaos starts you realize that your colleague Kate, codename Azure Sheep, is in the complex and in a great danger. You decide to rescue her...


Barney is a security guard. Well, Barney at the moment is just Barney, or, well, Just Barney, because with all the recent mess at Black Mesa he can't remember his whole name...

Just Barney didn't want to be a security guard but, you know life, he was lead to be one; he had a secret dream, he was writing a novel and... Well, that's another story.

Barney has another dream: to become a hero and rescue a princess, nothing more.

Now, when the big mess occurred, he was in the first security post of Black Mesa and a colleague of his, Kate, (codename Azure Sheep) seems to be trapped in. On this occasion, Barney goes out on a mission to rescue her.


  • 51 maps designed by Davide 'DAV' Cintrão
  • A new training course - visit Barney's home
  • Female characters
  • Amazing storyline
  • A peculiar gameplay: you have to rescue your girlfriend Kate
  • Revisit the old Black Mesa areas from a different point of view
  • See a lot of new areas you have never seen
  • Meet Gordon and Adrian and interact with them
  • New weapons and one Healing-tool
  • New enemies
  • New allies with brand new voices
  • New models, with new animations for the old ones
  • New sounds
  • New graphics


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External links

  • Azure Sheep - the official website; has download mirrors, additional media and a patch for full compatibility with Steam-based versions of Half-Life.
  • ModDB