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[[Image:aw_menu.jpg|thumb|360px|right| '''Menu''' - click to enlarge]]
[[Image:aw_menu.jpg|thumb|360px|right| '''Menu''' - click to enlarge]]

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Menu - click to enlarge
Chapter 1 Wakeup Call - click to enlarge
Chapter 2 Grand Escape - click to enlarge
Chapter 2 Grand Escape - click to enlarge
Chapter 3 Kilo Base - click to enlarge
Chapter 4 Citadel Foundations - click to enlarge
Chapter 5 Antlion Infestation - click to enlarge


Awakening is a Half-Life 2 singleplayer mod where the player discovers what hapened to Adrian Shepard (Half-Life Opposing force) What happened a bit before Gordons arrival at city 17, and where the antlions come from.

Note that future official releases on the HL2 story might contradict with this mod.

The mod should have a playtime of roughly 1 hour leading you trough a intro and 5 playable levels. Starting at a underground complex much like Black Mesa, leading you trough a outdoor snow envourement into a russian submarine base, A early combine citadel structure and a ancient location that the combine is researching.


  • Around 1 hour of gameplay including some small puzzles.
  • Custom textures, world models (props), custom music and some custom voices.
  • 3-4 different envoirements.


I (Bluestrike) started a mod for opposing force long timne ago but quit because I asumed Hl2 would be released any moment. It eventually took years and my urge to make a singleplayer mod never really went away. Once HL2 was out and I finished some multiplayer maps I started a singleplayer again and this is the result.

Development started in july-august 2005 and soon after I was reqruited by the insurgency mod so development slowed down to vacations. Then in the summer of 2006 development accelerated again and from december 2006 to the release at April 2007 I spent almost every free minute into the mod's development.

I didn't do everything alone, for the more complex models I asked Mumle who I knew from a previoes mod. After the first media release somewhere in june 2006, Alex Mcgery contacted me with some samples of music and offered his help. I asked one of the texture artists from the Insurgency mod to make me a few model skins and so Spine joined the team. To tell the small story I had, I needed voiceactors, so I explored the Machinama scene and recieved the help of Tess Snider and Robert Ducat, who also lent his brother Matthew's voice for the mod.


  • Bluestrike

http://www.bluestrike.be Leveldesign, Modeling, Choreography's.

  • Alex Mcgery

http://www.alexmcgery.com Music

  • Spine

http://www.spineroyal.com Textures, skins and some concepts.

  • Mumle

http://www.sukkertrip.dk Stassismodels.

  • Tess Snider

http://voice.malkyne.org Female voices.

  • Robert Ducat

http://www.partners-in-crime-studios.com Breen and Scientist voices.

  • Matthew Ducat

http://www.partners-in-crime-studios.com G-man voices.

Localized versions

Due to a bug with sourcesdk-base closecaptions does not work and no localised versions are planned.

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