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This page is intended for questions not already covered within the SDK FAQ or the Tutorials sections.

This page is for:

  • Tutorial/article requests.
  • General material requests. Materials should be provided in a raw format, such as .vmf, so others can see how it was done. Be vague. General requests will be more helpful for the community.
  • Questions towards the Valve team. This should keep their Talk pages clean, especially if the person to direct the question to may not be obvious.
  • Answering questions posed here. Simply place the answer directly after the question, indented to be a clear difference. Further discussion should be kept to Talk pages to keep this page clear, if it does not clearly benefit the community.
  • Posting requested materials. Upload them to your own webspace, and put the links here.

This page is not for:

  • Editorializing. If you don't like someone's idea leave them alone.
  • Mod recruiting. Create a page in the appropriate category and request help from there. Feel free to use the Template:Recruiting template. Check out an example here.
  • Specific requests. Do not ask someone to create a player model for you, but you can ask for details about making your own.

This page will be split into more specific pages if it is needed.


  • A more in depth tutorial or sample of advanced material shaders would be nice. I am trying to implement dynamic lighting and dynamic environment reflections on an object, and am having some difficulty.
    • Why are only 2 lights created in the common_vs_fxc.h file (cLightInfo[2]).
    • Where do these lights get passed in (in the .cpp file?)?
    • Can I have 5 render targets and render 5 passes of the world each frame (or at least to one view each frame, switching views each frame)?
    • Can I manipulate the camera with my own transforms and remove the object (the one I want to have reflections) when I'm rendering the reflection render targets?
    • Is there already functionality to do all or some of the features I'm trying to implement?

I'm already solid with the postprocessing effects pipeline, but the material shader system seems to function a bit differently. While I've been able to pass variables from the render to postprocessing shaders, I haven't been able to pass variables to material shaders. It would be really nice to have the TDD or some official docs for the shader system, but I know that's not possible, so if there is any way to answer some of these issues, I would greatly appreciate the help.


Level Design

  • A tutorial detailing the creation of the intro sequence of Half-Life 2, with specific focus placed upon the graphical effects used during the G-Man's speech (switching to black and white, warping the depth of field as you appear on the train, scenes from the citadel appearing overlayed on the G-Man's model, etc). I'm assuming these things are done with things already implemented in the code that can be summoned by the level designer at will. The source to this part of the intro level would also be a helpful addition to the SDK.