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{{ModStatus|engine=Source|game=Episode Two|mode=sp|status=alpha}}
{{ModStatus|engine=Source|game=Episode Two|mode=sp|status=dead}}
== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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This SP mod for Episode Two is no longer being developed.


Assault on Overwatch will be a short mod set in the Half-Life 2 universe. Gordon Freeman will lead a team of rebels through Combine-controlled forest territory. His squad's mission is to destroy Overwatch Broadcast Node #128. Destroying this structure would kill communications for Combine forces all across the forest, making them much easier for the Resistance to kill off. Along the way, the player will undoubtedly encounter numerous groups of Combine forces, including Combine snipers.

This mod is being developed in an effort to experience an official mod release and understand the inner workings of such an endeavor. To that end, it will be very short and will not feature many gameplay changes.


  • Very short action-packed mod.
  • Variety of assault and stealth-like gameplay.
  • Guaranteed to fight snipers.


Assault on overwatch0002.jpg


This mod originally started as a single map for the Planet Phillip "Sniperville" Competition. The idea behind the contest was that the entrant had to build one single-player map that involved the player interacting with "a Combine sniper" in an interesting way. I entered the contest but fell short of the deadline. Thus, this mod was born. It will help me understand the intricacies of a mod release.

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