Alyx Vance

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Alyx Vance

Alyx Vance, daughter of Eli Vance is one of the main characters in Half-Life 2. Armed with a pistol and Dog, Alyx makes many appearances throughout the game and is your quasi-sidekick. Alyx is a valuable asset because she is equally skilled in both combat and hacking into the Combine systems.


Unlike most of the other main characters in Half-Life 2, Alyx did not appear in Half-Life. Half-Life 2 is her first appearance in the series. Alyx appears in multiple chapters with Gordon throughout Half-Life 2. Here is a list of her appearances:

Alyx accompanies Gordon throughout Half-Life 2: Episode One and nearly all of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. She is the protagonist and the player character in Half-Life: Alyx

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