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<Alien Swarm> Alien Swarm (2010) is a completely free top-down shoot-em-up for up to four co-op players, created by Black Cat Games after the company was bought up by Valve. Its complete source code is provided in a new SDK as a sample project for Source modders, much like Team Fortress Classic was for GoldSrc.

A mod based on Alien Swarm will not require the purchase of another Valve game to play, but will not have access to the usual 'Source base' HL2 content either.

The game thrusts players into an epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics. With your friends, form a squad of four distinct IAF Marine classes. Plan your attack using an unlockable arsenal of weapons with countless loadout configurations against a wide variety of aliens. Blaze your way through an overrun, off-world colony, eradicating the alien infestation in environments ranging from the icy planet's surface, to a subterranean lava-flooded mining facility.

For mapping in Alien Swarm, see Category:Alien Swarm.


A new quick-build mapping tool. Level designers create connectible rooms and corridors which can be arranged either by hand or programmatically. TileGen maps can be played in-editor, and/or can be exported to Hammer for further refinement.illuminate an entire scene.
Depth of field
A real-time depth of field shader blurs backdrop scenery.
Steamworks integration
Unclear how useful this will be, as currently Steamworks distribution is required to implement persistence, Steam Cloud, achievements, etc.

SDK and source code

The source code for Alien Swarm is included in the Alien Swarm SDK. It lacks a lot of supporting code that the Source SDK provides, however:



The SDK is available to everyone, not just owners of Source games. If you convert your mod to Alien Swarm it will be available to anyone.

Dedicated server

See Swarm Dedicated Server for instructions on setting up your own Alien Swarm dedicated server.

Warning.png Warning: Uninstalling the Alien Swarm Dedicated Server will uninstall the main game, too!