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[[Category:AI Commands]]
[[Category:AI Commands]]
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The ai_debug_nav console command is a debugging tool used to examine navigation problems in NPCs. When enabled, NPCs will report their navigation decision making process to the console. It's primarily a tool used by programmers to determine where navigation problems lie. Some familiarity with the AI navigation system is needed to make use of the output.


Among other output, ai_debug_nav provides useful information for the following events:

  • NPCs creating navigation goals. Provides a detailed breakdown of the goal parameters.
  • NPCs building routes, both succeeding & failing.
  • NPCs modifying their route while walking it, usually due to simplification.
  • NPCs attempting to stop their movement.
  • NPCs jumping.
  • NPCs disabling collision with vphysics simulated entities.


  • ai_debug_nav 1
    • Turns navigation debugging output on.
  • ai_debug_nav 0
    • Turns navigation debugging output off.

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