Advanced HDR

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Advanced HDR

This is currently a tutorial that will take some time to create but will give a better insight of the effec, modes, and different aspects of HDR through the Source Engine. Also this page is meat all HDR where it gives all information about HDR.

Current games that support HDR

  • Half Life 2 Episode 1
  • Day of Defeat:Source
  • Lost coast

So far these are the only games that support HDR.

Note.png Note: Haf Life 2 does not support HDR therefore if you are creating a map and want to run it in HDR it must be ran under EP1 or a other game.

Creating a HDR map

Although not the simplest things HDR isnt a very hard technique to work with however it deals a large amount of tme to the compile proccess. The first thing in creating an HDR map is of course World Geometry.

This is a very hard proccess to explain however to explain things better a example map will be used that is located in your Source SDK example folder under: c:/program files/Steam/Steamapps/user/Source sdk content/hl2/mapsrc

For the tutorial Lightmaps.vmf will be used.

Note.png Note: any maps can be compiled in HDR but this map contains lightmaps which will have some effect toward the HDR

Next simply compile the map in expert mode: