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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Welcome to Adrenaline Gamer 2 aka AG2


AG² is HL2DM regular Multiplayer with additional features that make the game faster and more addictive and fun to play. The Tau Canon aka Gauss, longjump pack, bunny hopping, wall jump, brightskin models and hitsound are part of it for instance. And there are a lot of other additions that make this mod...



Current Version : 1.02

AG2 features the following among a lot of others that you can find here:

  • Tau Canon aka Gauss
  • Longjump module, bunny hop, wall jump, ramp jump
  • Brightskins
  • Hitsounds
  • Customizable HUD, radar
  • Match statistics
  • Built-in Web browser, IRC client, Winamp Controler

AG2 provides 13 game modes :

  • FFA, TDM (up to 6 teams)
  • Last Team Standing
  • Arcade
  • Arena, Tourney
  • Fugitive
  • InstaGib
  • Capture The Flag/Arcade, Domination
  • Football / Warball

AG2 provides a full management system :

  • Command Menu GUI : an in-game Command Menu Graphic User Interface facilitates the setup of a match: all common match settings such as "Friendly Fire", "Weapon Stay", "Current Map/Next Map", "Time Limit" and others can be set in a very simple and efficient way.
  • Voting system : all the settings can be decided by the players just by initiating a vote from the GUI (Command Menu).
  • Administration Menu GUI : A server administrator can decide on what available features to authorize or not on his server.

AG2 natively supports running maps from many mods including : Counter-Strike:Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Dystopia, Half-Life 2: Capture The Flag, Hidden: Source, Sourceforts, HL2 Assault, Golden Eye, Plan of Attack, Battle Grounds 2, Insurgency, Insects_infestation, Fortress_Forever, Pirates,_Vikings,_and_Knights_II

Gameplay Development Kit (GDK)

A gameplay is characterized by the value given to variables that define the rules of interaction of the players with the virtual world. AG2 includes a built-in GDK that truly enables everyone to create its own gameplay without a single line of code. You can define the movement as well as the gravity and the weapons damages. You can decide what weapons to enable or not, and which weapon shall be present when respawning. You can influence the gameplay in many ways. Defining your own gameplay and testing it is a matter of minutes.


  • Coders : [email protected] (Lead), RATICIDE
  • Mappers : aRm, Keved
  • Beta test and tweak : s0cke, aRm, aelixir, raz!el, Pincus, mAgu, pille, d0nut,
  • Web designer/coder : K3rmit

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