Adding Point Entities

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Next, we'll insert some entities into the map.

Switch to the Entity Tool.

Entities are placed using the Entity Tool Mt-entities.png. Select it from the left side icon bar.

Pick the appropriate entity from the drop-down list of entities.

Next we pick which entity to insert. There is a list of possible entities in the Object Toolbar (by default in the lower right corner of the Hammer window).

The first entity that we will pick is where the player will spawn when he enters the map. What entity to choose from the list depends on what game you are creating this map for.

  • Close Hammer
  • From the Source SDK screen, set the Current Game to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
  • Launch Hammer again

Choose the appropriate entity from the drop-down list.

Tip.png Совет:  To save time, you can also simply type the name of the entity directly into the drop-down box, instead of scrolling through the entire list to find it.
Left-click on the floor in the 3D View to place the starting entity.

Next we'll place this entity in the map. When placing entities aligned with a surface, you can do this simply by clicking where on the surface you want it in the 3D View, so click somewhere on the floor of the room, like in the image here, and the entity will be placed at the spot you click.

Pick the weapon_357 from the entity list.
Place the weapon_357 on the floor.

Next we will place a weapon.

Pick the weapon_357 entity from the entity list in the Object Toolbar, as shown to the left.

The weapon_357 entity will spawn the .357 magnum revolver where it is placed.

Click in the 3D View to place the weapon_357 entity, just like you did with the player starting point, as shown to the right.

Pick the item_ammo_357 from the entity list.
Place the item_ammo_357 next to the weapon_357.

Next we will place some ammo.

Pick the item_ammo_357 entity from the entity list.

This entity is a box of .357 ammo for the magnum revolver.

Place the item_ammo_357 entity next to the weapon_357, as shown.

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