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Your First Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Room

Now we'll add some lighting to the room. Without lights, the map will be pitch black when it is loaded in the game.

Adding Light

Pick the light entity from the entity list in the Object Toolbar.

Hammer picklight.jpg

Pick the light entity from the drop-down list.

In the 3D View, click on the ceiling, near the center, to place the light entity as shown.

Hammer placelight.jpg

Place the light by clicking on the ceiling in the 3D View.

Switch back to the Selection Tool.

Open the Object Properties dialog for the light entity by double-clicking on it in the 3D View.

Hammer openprop sm.jpg

Double-click an object in the 3D View to open the Object Properties dialog.

Now we'll edit the characteristics of the light.

In the Object Properties dialog, pick the Brightness field. Then click the Pick Color button.

Hammer pickbrightness.gif

Select the Brightness field, then click the Pick Color button.

The Color dialog will now appear, letting us change the color of the light:

  1. First, click in the color spectrum area, and pick a light blue color for the hue.
  2. Next we need to alter the luminance, to change the color from bright white to a more blue-ish value. You can see how it changes the preview square at the bottom of the dialog to a sky blue color, instead of white.
  3. Then Click the OK button to confirm your color choice.

Hammer setcolor.gif

Change the Hue and Luminance of the light, then press OK.

So, we set the color of the light, now we need to change the intensity of the light (how bright it is). The fourth number in the Brightness field is the intensity.

Select the number 200 with the mouse, and change it to 800, as shown here.

Now that we've made changes to the parameters, we need to apply them to the light entity. Hit the Apply button to commit the changes.

Hammer setcolor800.jpg

Raise the brightness of the light by increasing this number, then click Apply.

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