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This SP mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two is currently in alpha development.

99bolts wastex.jpg

99 Bolts is an action/survival FPS set in the Half-Life 2 universe; several years after the Seven Hour War, but several years before City 17 is destroyed.

The player will traverse a vast expanse of nuclear wasteland sitting on the outskirts of a Combine-controlled city.

Alongside a scavenged arsenal of pistols and machine guns, the player must use 99 crossbow bolts wisely and eventually assassinate the city's entire chain of command - including its violent and enigmatic adminstrator, Winona.


  • A broad wasteland to explore and pillage.
  • You can snipe to your heart's delight with 99 crossbow bolts (but use them wisely).
  • An interesting take on the aftermath of the Seven Hour War.


  • May 2009 - Concept sketches for 99 Bolts maps began
  • Jun 2009 - The Mod DB page for the mod was started, alongside Hammer mapping.
  • Aug 2009 - 2 maps are released to the community to serve as a "proof of concept" for the mod.
  • Intervening time - Three people have volunteered their assistance with the mod.
  • Nov 2009 - 99 Bolts joined forces with another mod (In Development) to increase manpower and combine skills. The partnership dissolves within 12 months but much work is accomplished throughout the year.
  • Jun 2010 - 99 Bolts enters "radio silence", marking the beginning of a much less formal update process.
    • Sporadic updates have occurred since then, mostly in the form of new images with news in the descriptions.


  • Zonbie - Project Lead - Started learning Hammer in January 2009. He's got a script written for the whole mod and he's doing all the mapping.
  • Bekey - Texture Artist - Accomplished modder for the Source engine. Volunteered to help by providing texture assets, both commissioned and of his own design.
  • Tidus - Model Artist - Volunteered to help by providing model assets, all commissioned.

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