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This SP mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two is currently in alpha development.

99bolts wastex.jpg

99 Bolts is an action/survival FPS set in the Half-Life 2 universe; several years after the Seven Hour War, but several years before City 17 is destroyed.

The player will traverse a vast expanse of nuclear wasteland sitting on the outskirts of a Combine-controlled city.

Alongside a scavenged arsenal of pistols and machine guns, the player must use 99 crossbow bolts wisely and eventually assassinate the city's entire chain of command - including its violent and enigmatic adminstrator, Winona.


  • A broad wasteland to explore and pillage.
  • You can snipe to your heart's delight with 99 crossbow bolts (but use them wisely).
  • An interesting take on the aftermath of the Seven Hour War.


Concept sketches for 99 Bolts maps began in May 2009. The Mod DB page for the mod was started in June, alongside Hammer mapping. Since then, three people have volunteered their assistance with the mod. It is off to a great start.


  • Zonbie - Project Lead - Started learning Hammer in January 2009. He's got a script written for the whole mod and he's doing all the mapping.
  • Bekey - Texture Artist - Accomplished modder for the Source engine. Volunteered to help by providing texture assets, both commissioned and of his own design.
  • Tidus - Model Artist - Volunteered to help by providing model assets, all commissioned.

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