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  • Fixed Options->3D Views back plane & model render distance not updating views instantly.
  • Fixed displacement map flipping.
  • Fixed rotation transform dialog rotating around the wrong axes.
  • Fixed transformation angle being incorrectly reported in status bar when using rotation tool.
  • Limited primitive sphere max faces to 16x16, to not exceed solid maxfaces.
  • Fixed ghost selection box showing after block tool created brush.
  • Fixed vertex tool edge handles snapping to grid.
  • Fixed ghost selection box showing up after loading map.
  • Fixed bug with CTRL-clicking on vertices in the vertex tool.
  • Fixed SHIFT not working when in rotation tool.
  • Fixed grid snapping: no snapping if ALT is down, 1 unit snapping if user grid is off. Otherwise it will snap to the user grid.
  • Fixed stretched map overlays drawing incorrectly after the map is compiled.
  • Restored original cycle selection behavior for 3D views.
  • Fixed crash in vertex tool.
  • Fixed scale origin in vertex tool not rendering or accepting mouse clicks.
  • Fixed crash when closing texture tool with no document open.
  • Fixed face vertices not rendering in 2D views when enabled.
  • Fixed block tool creating blocks that were 1 unit smaller than the previous selection.
  • Fixed selection tool picking only box corners as snap reference points, not edge centers.
  • Fixed double clicks not being processed correctly by tools.
  • Fixed 2D views drawing after autosave map was restored.