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originally translated by [[User:RumikoHoshino|RumikoHoshino]], 2005/8/19<br />
originally translated by [[User:RumikoHoshino|RumikoHoshino]], 2005/9/7<br />
original English version: [[.QC Commands]]<br />
original English version: [[.QC Commands]]<br />

Revision as of 07:26, 7 September 2005

originally translated by RumikoHoshino, 2005/9/7
original English version: .QC Commands


$scale (scale) $scale<

<code>$poseparameter (name) (min) (max) ["loop" (number)] ["wrap"]

$attachment (name) (bone name) (X) (Y) (Z) ["absolute"] ["rigid"] ["rotate" pitch yaw roll]

$hierarchy (child bone) (parent bone)

$definebone (name) (parent) (X) (Y) (Z) (xr) (yr) (zr) (fixup XR) (fixup YR) (fixup ZR)

$animation (name) (file) [(options)...]

$declaresequence (name)

$bonemerge (name) Attachments

$includemodel (filename)

$animblocksize (size in K)

$weightlist (name) (bone name) (weight) [[(bone name) (weight)] ....]



$surfaceprop (name)

$jointsurfaceprop (joint name) (name)

$contents (list of names of content types)


$contents "monster" "grate"

$jointcontents (joint name) (list of names of content types)




                          "obj_manned_plasmagun" 1
                          "obj_resourcepump" 1
                          "obj_shieldwall" 1

$definemacro (macroname) [arg_name1] [arg_name2] […] \\

      $definemacro testmacro seqname filename endframe \\
      $sequence $seqname$01 $filename$ { \\
           frames 0 $endframe$ \\
           subtract $seqname$ 0 delta \\
           weightlist justbody \\

      $testmacro small_flinch "npc flinch 01" 20

$lod (distance) { (lod commands here) }


replacebone (original bone) (replacement bone)

bonetreecollapse (bone name)

replacemodel (model name) (replacement model) [reverse]

removemodel (model name)

replacematerial (original material name) (replacement material name)

removemesh (material name)



eyeball (name) (bone name) (X) (Y) (Z) (material name) (diameter) (angle) (iris material) (pupil scale)

  • (X) (Y) (Z) World location of the center of the ball of the eye.

eyelid (name) (expression file) lowerer/neutral/raiser (frame) (height) split (distance) eyeball (name)

  • flex (name) [(expression file)]
  • frame (frame) position split (distance)
  • defaultflex
  • flexfile (expression file)
  • localvar (name) [(name) …]
  • mouth (flexcontroller name) (bone name)
  • spherenormals (material name) (X) (Y) (Z)



fixuploop (pre loop frames) (post loop frames)

alignto (goal animation)

align (reference animation) [X Y Z XR YR ZR] (reference frame) (to match frame)

alignboneto (bone name) (goal animation)

startloop (local frame)


weightlist (weightlist name)

      $weightlist no_hands "Bip01" 1.0 "Bip01 L Hand" 0.0 "Bip01 R Hand" 0.0
      $weightlist head_n_arms "Bip01 Spine 2" 1.0

subtract (animation) (frame #)

presubtract (animation)

match (animation)

walkframe (frame) [LX LY LZ LXR LYZ LZR]

walkalignto (frame) (reference animation) [LX LY LZ LXR LYR LZR]

walkalign (frame) (reference animation) [LX LY LZ LXR LYR LZR] (reference frame) (to match frame)

rotateto (angle)


derivative (scale)

  • Turns the animation into the derivative of itself by simply subtracting the previous frame from each frame in the animation. The derivative can be automatically scaled to compensate for any fps issues.



compress (skip)

numframes (frames)


$ikchain (name) (end bone) [height (units)] [pad (units)][floor (units)]

iklock (chain) (lock position) (maintain local rotation)

ikrule (chain) touch (bone) [options...]

ikrule (chain) footstep (slot #) [options…]


range (start) (peak) (tail) (end)

height (units)

floor (units)

pad (radius)

contact (frame)

radius (units)




activity (activity_name) (weight)


addlayer (sequence)

blendlayer (sequence) (start) (peak) (tail) (end) [spline] [xfade]





fadein (time)

fadeout (time)

blendwidth (width)

blend (name) (min) (max)

node (name)

transition (from) (to)

rtransition (name1) (name2)

exitphase (phase)

$skiptransition (name1) (name2) [(name3) …]

keyvalues { [stuff] }


$definemacro (macroname) [named parameters …]


      $definemacro makeidlenoise idleNoiseName fileName \\
      $sequence $idleNoiseName$ {\\
           $fileName$ \\
           subtract $idleNoiseName$ 0 \\
           iklock lfoot 1 0 iklock rfoot 1 0 \\
           delta \\
           hidden \\
           realtime \\

      $makeidlenoise idleNoise03 "Idle03"
      $makeidlenoise idleNoise04 "Idle04_v32"