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$weightlist defines the degree to which each bone in a model is affected by a $sequence or $animation. For example, you could set the weight of the leg bones to 0 to only animate the top half of the skeleton.

A $weightlist can be reused as many times as is needed. It must come above anything that uses it in the QC.


$weightlist my_weightlist
	<bone> <weight>
	<bone> <weight>

$sequence my_weighted_anim "my_anim.smd" weightlist my_weightlist

Bones inherit weight from their parents, and all root bones start with a weight of 0.

$weightlist no_hands
	"Bip01_Pelvis" 1.0
	"Bip01_LHand" 0.0
	"Bip01_RHand" 0.0

$weightlist head_and_arms "Bip01_Spine2" 1.0

$Weightlist UpperbodyBlend {
	"Bip01_Pelvis" 0.1 
	"Bip01_L_Thigh" 0.0 
	"Bip01_R_Thigh" 0.0 
	"Bip01_Spine" 0.2 
	"Bip01_Spine1" 0.4 
	"Bip01_Spine2" 0.6 
	"Bip01_Spine4" 0.4
	"Bip01_L_Clavicle" 0.8
	"Bip01_L_Upperarm" 1.0
	"Bip01_R_Clavicle" 0.8
	"Bip01_R_Upperarm" 1.0

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