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#redirect [[Glowing Textures#$selfillum textures]]
The [[$selfillum]] [[VMT command]] makes a material glow in the dark. Shaders commonly support this effect.
The effect is masked by default by the [[alpha channel]] of <code>[[$basetexture]]</code>, but there are other options (see below). Wherever the mask is located, white areas are self-illuminated while black areas are not.
{{Warning|Cannot be used with <code>$translucent</code> or similar values on [[model]]s.}}
{{Todo|Possible fix?}}
==VMT syntax example==
$selfillum <[[bool]]>
    [[$basetexture]] props/tvscreen005a
    '''$selfillum 1'''
    [[$surfaceprop]] glass
==Additional parameters==
; <code>$selfillumtint "[<red [[float]]> <green float> <blue float>]"</code>
: Adjusts the colour of the self-illumination effect. Default value is "[1 1 1]".
;<code>$selfillummask <texture></code> {{note|In Source 2007, use this, NOT $Selfillumtexture.}}
: A dedicated mask texture for the effect. Might not work in Ep1.
; <code>$selfillum_envmapmask_alpha <[[bool]]></code>
: Has the material derive its self-illumination mask from the alpha channel of the <code>[[$envmapmask]]</code>. Requires DirectX 9.
;<code>$selfillumtexture <texture></code>
: Use a selfillum texture.
{{Bug|Deprecated with Source 2007; doesn't work.}}
[[Category:List of Shader Parameters|S]]
[[Category:VMT Lighting]]

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