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The QC commands $pushd and $popd 'push' and 'pop' directories to and from the QC's active folder, instead of writing out the foldernames in the smd file. Multiple $pushd can be nested inside each other, so long as there are a corresponding number of $popd.


$pushd <path>


$modelname   "props\fan.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models\props\"

$model "buttons" "model files\buttons.smd" //Without using pushd
$pushd ".\model files\"
  $model fan_housing "housing.smd"
  $model fan_rotor   "rotor.smd"

$pushd	".\animation files\"
  $sequence idle_off	"idle_off.smd"
  $sequence turn_on	"turn_on.smd"
  $sequence idle_on	"idle_on.smd"
  $sequence turn_off	"turn_off.smd"