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Adds a real time bounce effect to a model.


 $jigglebone "bone"
 is_flexible {
 yaw_stiffness "stiffness value"
 yaw_damping "damping value"
 pitch_stiffness "stiffness value"
 pitch_damping "damping value"
 tip_mass "mass"
 length "length value"
 angle_constraint "constraint value"

Used to simulate a bounce effect to models in real time like hair, cloth, tails ect.


Example is from the Antlion Worker.

 $jigglebone "Antlion.glasswingR_bone" {
 is_flexible {
 yaw_stiffness 700
 yaw_damping 6
 pitch_stiffness 700
 pitch_damping 8
 tip_mass 5
 length 30
 angle_constraint 37