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The $includemodel QC command is used to add an MDL file that this model will include at run-time. All new sequences and animations will be appended to the model.

  • Animations and sequences are processed in-order, so subsequent animations/sequences that have name conflicts will be ignored, and any references to .mdl local entry by the same name will be overwritten with the reference to a first one declared.
  • Included .mdl’s can have different bone ordering, but they need to have the same bone hierarchy and ikchain declarations. Currently there’s no run-time checking to verify they match.
  • Only animations and sequences are used from included .mdls. Currently models, textures, faces, attachments, etc. are ignored.


  • This overwrites the normal police animations with a pointer to the shared animations
$modelname     Police_animations.mdl
$includemodel "player\male_anims.mdl"
Note.png Note:  For clarification, $includemodel simply points to the MDL file containing the animations and does not copy any data to the files created on compile. The file containing the animations must be available from the file location that is defined for it to work. In this example it will be 'models\player\male_anims.mdl'.