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The QC command $collisionjoints is used to define a collision mesh made up of multiple independent parts, either for a ragdoll or for an animated object. If your model has no moving parts that need to collide, use $collisionmodel instead.

A ragdoll can have up to 32 separate parts (i.e. 32 bones can be simulated, 24 on older versions of source). The limit for an animated model is unknown.

Tip:Use vcollide_wireframe 1 to view collision meshes in-game.


$collisionjoints <collision mesh SMD/DMX>


All $collisionmodel options, except $concave
Confirm:Is $masscenter allowed?
Permit concave collision geometry for individual bones.
$rootbone <string|bone>
Overrides the collision mesh's root bone.
$jointskip <string|bone>
Eliminates a joint in the skeleton that you don't want to use in collisions.
$jointmerge <string|bone1> <string|bone2>
Merges the vertex assignments for two joints.
$jointconstrain <string|bone> <axis> <allow_option> <min_angle> <max_angle> <friction>
Limits of the a bone's movement relative to its parent bone. See $jointconstrain for a full description.
$jointinertia <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $inertia.
$jointdamping <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $damping.
$jointrotdamping <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $rotdamping.
$jointmassbias <string|bone> <float|bias>
Mass is automatically distributed by volume, this lets you bias it per-bone.
Disables collisions between bones in the same collision model for performance.
Warning: Results in arms clipping through torsos and other weirdness if used improperly!
$jointcollide <string|bone1> <string|bone2>
If any $jointcollide pairs are specified, only those joints collide with each other.
$animatedfriction <float|FrictionTimeIn> <float|FrictionTimeOut> <float|FrictionTimeHold> <float|MinAnimatedFriction> <float|MaxAnimatedFriction>
Used to animate the amount of friction on joints over time.


$collisionjoints "bip01_phys.smd"
	$mass			115.0
	$inertia		2.00
	$damping		0.01
	$rotdamping		0.40
	$rootbone		"bip01_pelvis"
	$jointmerge		"bip01_pelvis"	"bip01_spine"

	$jointmassbias		"bip01_l_arm2"	2.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	x limit	0.00 0.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	y limit	0.00 0.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	z limit	-120.00 4.00 0.20

	$jointrotdamping	"bip01_head"	5.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	x limit	-20.00 20.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	y limit	-25.00 25.00 0.04
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	z limit	-13.00 30.00 0.04

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