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The $body QC command is used to include a reference mesh SMD in a model. Without at least one $body the model will not be rendered.

Tip.png Tip: Models with facial animation use $model.
Tip.png Tip: Multiple reference meshes can be handled with a $bodygroup.


$body	<name> "<reference mesh SMD>"

where :

A label for this $body to distinguish it from other reference meshes (if there are any).
<reference smd>
Path to and name of the 'reference' (sometimes 'model') SMD relative to the QC file's current directory. The .smd extension is optional, but helps make the QC file easier to read.


$modelname		"weapons/shell.mdl"
$cdmaterials		"models/weapons/"
$body		shell	"shell_ref.smd"
$sequence	idle	"shell_idle.smd"

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